TOP 5 High frequency for Metal Packaging Printing color differences?

TOP 5 High frequency for Metal Packaging Printing color differences ?

There will appear Headache tin packaging boxes color different problems .
The color difference for making metal tin packaging boxes always appears in samples and mass production.

These problems are mainly the following aspects of the problem

1. Different Tinplated material grade, it containes different amount of tin components .

2.Different manufacturers for tinplate with different batches in tinplate layer contents and its surface texture.

3. Technical differences for locally produced tinplate and import tinplate

4. The stability for different ink companies with the same temperature on the same machine will lead to different printing color problems.

5. Tinplate samples provide with different machine , small machine for samples approval and big machine for mass production

Color control for tinplate printing process with normal printing requests approximation in 75~80%,but it is one of most difficult issues in printing with high color quality control in metal packaging and container industry.

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