Tin Packaging Production Process
Whatever you are looking to achieve one customized tin packaging boxes with different sizes or stock Bespoke tins ,our team is on hand to help and advise to help you find the best options for your packaging options .
Everyone here at Golden Tin is focused on producing the best quality tin packaging for your product on time and on budget through different clients’ packaging service and products service , we well understand novelty packaging for tea , coffee , Choclate and some relative personalized promotional metal packaging.
And we have a set of completed operating process for metal packaging and containers to ensure our tins for our clients with high unique quality to meet their requests .
The Tin Boxes Production flow chart shows all the steps involved in the process, along with the possible variations.

Plan on 8 to 12 weeks lead-time from final design approval to delivery of your custom manufactured tin packaging to your door. Refer to certain seasonal custom tin packaging there may be a longer lead-time, please contact us well in advance so we can help you plan and execute your project.

We can assist you with your next custom packaging project. Please contact us at sales@goldentinbox.com.