How can metal packaging increase the value of products?

Why do brands choose metal packaging?

Quality tin packaging container makes you feel the impression of a quality article inside it. Tin box is an interesting extra, as many people recycle them for all kinds of functions or simply to collect them with different packaging goal to enlarge their business value .

Metal Tin Packaging helps to change significantly the way the customer conceives a product. Metal packaging of a mid-range item will make it appears a higher value product ,it is not only because it is hardness but also for its good looking with different printing designs on it .

Easily find all premium packaging line different?
Our Premium packaging, is our star packaging. Firstly, the raw material used in these metal boxes is top quality with our long-term tinplate cooperation factories and 5 times strict inspections then our punching line ,also each punching line will have one QC to follow the tin metal boxes’ quality to ensure the quality for the metal tin boxes can find on time and settle,
Even the printing form which must have a superior result , all of the printing machine is Advanced printing equipment.

We have differnt printing finish on tinplate surface with different designs and meet different clients’ packaging boxes’ requests. The main finish on the surface are vanish and matt for different metal packaging boxes’ surfaces to through the heavy punching strenth to make the tinplate to be the box .
They are not found in other ranges and make a noticeable difference to the final product image. We take care of every detail, that is why we have special closures, which guarantee maximum security, or plastic inners, keeping totally safe the product.

It is important the outside packaging, keeping the tin boxes away from scratches, scrapes or dents. A premium tin box has to look impeccable, as the inner product, in order to get the appearance customer expects. Over 20 years with working experience and also cooperate with big brand companies , we will understand the quality requests and well know all of thequality issues for each metal tin boxes’ process .

At Golden Tin Co.,Limited, we like to maintain transparent and balanced commercial relations. We enjoy showing our customers our production processes and how we treat our final finished products.


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