Are you looking for unique packaging ideas for your product?

In order to meet our clients’ different packaging demands, We can manufacture virtually any shaped tin boxed to fit your products to ensure your products specialy.

– Such as dolls (babushka style dolls), cars, bears, roosters ,snowmen or bottle shaped tin packaging.

They are for different usage in our daily life and some normal shapes as round.

Square and rectangle for collection or storge candies , candles or perfume.

With over 1,000+ different toolings we probably have a custom tin box tooling to fit your needs.

If not, we can produce a unique custom mold to your requirements. Our minimum order quantity starts as low as 3,000 custom tins.

But the most important for one professional METAL PACKAGING AND CONTAINER from China manufacturer to provide with professional guide for our clients and then from Make samples to mass production to ensure all of the color difference control under 10 %.

Also each products from our warehouse to our clients warehouse with high quality and enlarge our clients’ business value to make their satifisation .

Customized tins are a super marketing tool, giving your product in specialty tin boxes an upscale image.

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