Chocolate is one of  Sweets food by most people like , and different chocolate’ suppliers to choose different Packaging ways for their products .

Chocolate is made from raw materials with  cocoa liquor, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, white sugar, dairy food additives, etc., processed through mixing, grinding, refining, tempering, casting, and freezing.

The main ingredient of chocolate, cocoa butter, has a melting point of about 33°C. Therefore, chocolate will gradually soften when the temperature reaches 28°C and above, and it will melt into a slurry above 35°C. Therefore, the storage of chocolate packaging boxes is different from ordinary food packaging, it is Chocolate commonly used packaging materials.

There are Four  main Packaging materials for Chocolate: Paper Packaging , Tinplate Packaging , Plastic Packaging ,Composite material packaging.

Paper packaging

Paper Packaging with 4 color  offset printing   is one of  recognized as a non-polluting environmentally friendly material by its own characteristics, it has low hardness, poor barrier properties, and poor sealing; and generally used for outer packaging, display packaging, display packaging and transportation packaging .

Tinplate material packaging

This is a type of traditional chocolate packaging material with unique physical properties:

  • Opacity
  • Good air-tightness
  • Reduction effect of tin
  • Provide a source of effective iron
  • Recyclable and reusable.

Comply with international environmental protection requirements and meet future product trends.

  • Robust, good protection, no deformation, shock resistance, fire resistance, high temperature and high pressure resistance.

Due to factors such as mature production technology, high production efficiency, wide application range, and affordable prices, it is favored by major chocolate manufacturers.

Plastic packaging

Plastic packaging has gradually become one of the main packaging materials for chocolate with its rich functions and diverse display power. With the maturity of technology, cold-seal soft packs have become the main inner packaging of chocolate due to factors such as higher packaging speed and low odor. However, plastic packaging causes environmental pollution and is gradually withdrawing from the packaging industry.

Composite material packaging

Composite materials have multi-material composite characteristics and obvious protective display capabilities, and are easy to obtain materials, simple to process, strong composite layers, and low consumption. Most composite materials use flexible packaging as the base material, Commonly used are paper-plastic composite, aluminum-plastic composite, and paper-aluminum composite.

Different Packaging demands for chocolate packaging  to make different Packaging material .

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