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New client Confirm Order from France with Stable Tea Tin Box
Source: Golden Tin Co.,Ltd are a Metal tin Packaging manufacturer and supplier of wholesale metal packaging, offering a wide range of Customized Tin Boxes and bespoke tin boxes from China   Time: 2018-08-30   Hit: 189

Stable Tea Tin Box

Today my new client from France confirmed a round tea tin order to Golden Tin. The customer is doing metal Tin Pakaging  business. It was the first time to work with us for the packaging Box and very statified with our workshop and solution .

After discussing via email, he was very happy that Goden Tin had existing molds for so many tin boxes in different sizes, structures for choosing, which would help him save lots of tooling cost and time because he needed the finished round tea tins to be shipped to them on May 26. It was really a short time. After several runs recommendation, he finally picked an airtight round tea tins with pillow lid and adjusted height based on this existing item. Because it is their fist time to work with our  tin boxes, it needs great patience to help them to choose proper tins, make designs and place order. After all these procedure done, he was very happy that their first tea tin box order was confirmed so smoothly.
In 2017, Golden Tin installed 6 new automatic tin manufacturing lines and in-house Lab to ensure capacity and capability. The price will be cheaper and the leading time will be shorter as we will save much labors cost and improve the production efficiency by using automtic lines.Thanks for client’s trust on Golden Tin! Hope our cooperation will help their business goes bigger and bigger.