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How us work with new creat Tin Boxes with client from Golden Tin Co.,Limited
Source: Golden Tin Co.,Ltd are a Metal tin Packaging manufacturer and supplier of wholesale metal packaging, offering a wide range of Customized Tin Boxes and bespoke tin boxes from China   Time: 2017-05-31   Hit: 1513

As most sales in different fields,we always ask clients who enquiry tin boxes many questions such what is the size for tin box , how many quantity of tin box ,and other relative questions .
How to develop new tin box as client’ request is very important.
First, you should believe in yourselves 100% understand what your clients’ needs.
Second,according to the clients’ description to give much more useful advice.
This is a story work with our regular customer from Portugal, also this client is designer who knows different
material Packaging boxes as well.
He gave us two ideas for two different styles
tin Packaging Boxes for the promotional Biscuits.
We talked about these two different styles
packaging tin boxes one week. According to the details what our client provided, we had a meeting discussing about what requests and then gave right the advice about the ideas from our client.

After conversation, we made 3D design for tin boxes and then send our client’ confirmation, then made make hand samples for approval and send them to client directly.

Receiving our client’ feedback, we adjusted the sizes and the new moulds for tooling. Through one month long, we made new moulds with client’ designs, although many details but what we should do for we should understand client well and give professional advice.
As professional Tin Packaging Factory , we should work together our clients ,also give good advice with our field.

Biscuit Tin Packaging Box